I recently used Kindra Deneau as my lawyer for a business matter I needed help with. Kindra was amazing and helping me get everything settled and over with in a fast time. I couldn’t have been happier with the service and the way my case was handled. I would recommend Kindra very highly to anyone who wants a great attorney who gets things done.
— Lee Baron, Dirty Ink Screenprinting
Ms. Deneau completed a settlement with a Scottsdale business when I was unable to make any progress on my own. She kept me updated with all movements in my civil suit and was very fair with her pricing.
— JR
When I started my business in 2011, I interviewed several attorneys in Phoenix to draft legal contracts. When I met Kindra, I knew that she had a great understanding of our vision for the company and that she would be easy to work with. I have hired Kindra several times to write and examine contracts. There have been many occasions where she has given me advice that has saved my company thousands of dollars and many headaches. Her rates are very fair and she is very reliable. As my company continues to grow, I am excited to have a great attorney by my side.
— Mike Cordes, www.Facebook.com/ViralBooth
Kindra helped me to get my business and business property out of the hands of a partner who was driving our business to the ground. I can’t thank her enough.
— Roger Jones, Dirt 101 Investment, LLC
The Deneau Law Firm has assisted early on in the process and understood early which option or approach to take resulting in thousands of dollars saved. The Deneau Law Firm went above and beyond to attempt an early resolution with the opposing party and kept the cost to a minimal before entering into the filing processes – this has resulted in many different approaches used in attempt to render an early resolution. The need to go up against a large scale company that owed Diamondback Plumbing monies from years past was handled with up front strength in displaying our position early – this resulted in an immediate settlement, something that our previous attorney claimed was too cumbersome and factual.
— Steve Herzog
Mrs. Deneau is a professional of the highest caliber. Her firm was able to provide me with very sound legal expertise that yielded the results I needed without stepping foot in a courtroom. I highly recommend their services.
— Brian Millsaps
Thank you for your individual attention with my Moms Power of attorney matters and last will. She passed away last month and is in a better place. I know she really appreciated your personalized Attn coming over to her house because she was having such a hard time walking around. I will recommend your services to everyone. My family and I will be getting back with you on all of our legal matters. Kindra thanks for everything ‘You’re the best’ Take care !!!
— Charlie and Kelly Redding
Kindra helped me tremendously with my case, which was financially and emotionally very difficult. Her knowledge of the law and personal tact enabled me to make it through my hardship successfully!
— Kristen Doe
Kindra was so amazing to work with. I always felt comfortable I was getting the most attention my case needed. The end result of my case was beyond anything anyone even hoped for. I appreciate so much meeting her and the dedication she put into helping me.
— Lacey Flynn
I had acquired The Deneau Law Firm PLLC through another attorney who was unable to fulfill the assignment. The complaint filed against us was due to the death of our son for matter prior to his death; however, only filed after his death, how convenient. It was a very trying time filled with grief for us. Kindra was very patient and understanding at all times and the complaint was eventually dismissed. I always felt she was going over and above what was required of her and kept us informed. I would not hesitate to call her again if the need should arise.
— Rosemary Beuckens, Personal Repr. for Brett Beuckens Estate